There are three types of simultaneous interpretation set ups

Permanent installations

United nations HQThese are simultaneous interpretation systems permanently built into conference facilities – think the United Nations, the European Parliament or a major conference center.

Booths are actually small rooms with doors where interpreters work. It is the most comfortable and convenient setup, but, for obvious reasons, it is not very mobile.

Portable/mobile setups

Most hotels and other venues do not have permanent installations. Instead, portable (mobile) booths have to be brought in and installed before the conference.

It must always be booths for at least 2 interpreters per booth per language and at some major conferences 3 interpreters per booth per language are engaged.

Portable booths have the same features as stationary ones such as lighting and ventilation, but the equipment is highly mobile.

Whispering Equipment:

It is a portable set consisting of a wireless handheld transmitter and standard wireless receivers. While good for tours or if the participants must move around a lot, it is not suitable for a standard conference in one room.

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