• conference interpretation system


Whatever the nature of your conference, Translation Equipment NG can provide expert conference interpreters. Their experience in high-pressurconference interpreting and expertise in their subject means interpreting is accurate and subtle nuances of language are conveyed effectively.

At Translation Equipment NG,  we have over 10 years’ experience providing experienced conference interpreters with in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand for many local and global organisations in locations all over Nigeria and West Africa region.

We provide interpretation services for conferences in Nigeria and West African Sub-region. Translation Equipment NG’s interpreters are highly skilled in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and our interpreters are also experienced, knowledgeable, and highly-effective in conference and convention environments. Our mission is to provide complete, outstanding, and cost-effective conference interpretation in whatever languages or fields of specialization our clients require.

Translation Equipment NG’s conference interpreters work both consecutively and simultaneously. Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, often utilizing interpretation equipment. Alternatively, consecutive interpreters work independently without equipment, generally mediating for small meetings and/or mediations. Both types of interpreters, along with your dedicated Project Manager, are committed to the success of your event, from preparation to the wrap-up of the entire production. We have developed our professional interpreting service process to be efficient and simple: we set up a pre-planning consultation and create a work flow and post-event wrap-up, ensuring that your event is free of communication barriers between languages.

Pre-Planning Consultation: Our friendly and experienced Sales and Project Management teams will evaluate and assist you in planning for your interpretation equipment needs and the effective implementation of your language request. We understand that language is only one of your many event responsibilities. By asking the right questions and developing an effective strategy, we can assist you and smoothly guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Local Interpreters: The role of any conference interpreter is to make sure the communication between all parties is flawless, by facilitating multilingual interaction and conveying the message with the cultural emphasis designed to impact a specific audience. That is why our interpreters are highly trained professionals, not only skilled in their field, but assigned to events for which they have specific, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Our local pool of talented interpreters is crucial in reducing your costs and final price by eliminating expensive travel, hotel, and other logistical arrangements.

Post-Event Wrap-Up: To ensure the highest level of conference interpretation quality, we offer a feedback survey after each event. For multi-day conferences, feedback is given to us within twenty-four hours from the end of the first day assignment. This allows us to make immediate changes to the assignment, if needed. Your dedicated Project Manager also takes your answers and comments and adapts our procedures to reflect these improvements in future professional interpreting service planning.

To have successful multi-cultural communications for your conferences and conventions, it is vital that all three areas listed above work in conjunction. It is critical that you have an easily accessible Project Manager to assist in your planning, the correct number of skilled and experienced interpreters, and a post event wrap-up. For conferences involving simultaneous interpreting, it is also appropriate to have the proper combination of audio equipment and on-site technical support.