interpretation equipment in Lagos

Translation Equipment NG Services specializes in providing high quality simultaneous interpretation services in Lagos Abuja Nigeria; for conferences, meetings, seminars and trade shows.

With our experienced project managers, our reliable simultaneous interpretation equipment, our well trained technicians, and our network of highly skilled conference interpreters of over 100 languages, we can provide dependable conference interpretation services for your meeting.

Whether you need to purchase interpretation equipment for your organization, or you need us to provide simultaneous interpreters and interpretation equipment rental for your international conference, no matter what the language or subject matter, you can trust us to do it right. We have established a reputation for quality and service that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

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  • We provide state-of-the-art interpretation equipment rentals
  • We offer a variety of interpretation equipment, ranging from portable transmitters to sound-proof booths
  • We offer  infrared, and digital transmitting solutions
  • We work with other equipment companies to provide a complete audiovisual solution
  • We can provide professional conference interpreters when needed
  • We also offer closed captioning solutions

We provide BOSCH interpretation systems /interpretation equipment in Nigeria

Simultaneous interpretation – The equipment is ISO certified and recognized by parliaments and businesses. We provide interpretation systems with up to 31 languages + sound from the speaker (floor). Simultaneous interpretation is the most used form of interpretation at meetings and conferences. The meeting participants are using wireless receivers and headsets, to follow the speaker’s presentation.

Interpreter booths are usually placed in the back of the room (when lacking the space they are placed in the adjacent room and equipped with video feed).

Remote interpretation – Please notice that we can also deliver a remote interpretation solution. Remote interpretation means that interpreters do not need to be present at your venue but interpret over the internet. It also means that interpreter booths are not needed at the venue.