Projector Rentals come in many different types & qualities depending on the application and audience size. Let the audio visual equipment rental professionals at our audio visual rentals help determine what the best projector and screen size would be for your presentation. our AudioVisual stocks major brands for such as NEC, Barco, Christie, Dell, Hitachi, Sanyo, Panasonic & Infocus. Looking for Project rentals in Nigeria

Projectors and screens come in many different sizes and some even require optional lenses (short throw, long throw, zoom) depending on the room or application. Our Audio Visual stocks small LCD projectors & DLP projectors starting at 5,000 lumens or large venue projectors starting at 8,000 lumens with interchangeable lenses.
When choosing rental projectors and screens for short-term usage, there is a significant number of essential factors you should consider to achieve expertise presentation. These factors include:

Audience Size

Our projector rental services typically have screen sizes appropriate for different sizes of audiences in an event. Wider screens than that render the viewers to strain and keep moving the heads uncomfortably while struggling to take the entire panorama, also smaller screens should be avoided as the audience will get hard time to figure out images and read the content displayed.


Every projector is equipped with a lumen rating which will guide our clients how bright the projector is going to appear. The lumen level is a crucial factor especially in venues with a lot of ambient light. However, in rooms with low light intensity or during the dark evening, the lower lumen projector will be highly effective for a small group. Our company will direct you appropriately to ensure you choose a right projector depending on your venue.

Throw Distance

Throw distance tells how far apart the projector should be positioned from the screen to produce the quality of the image you want. Most of our rental projectors are about 2:1, implying that a 6’image will come from a projector placed 12 feet away from the screen. Our technicians will help you select short-and-long throw lenses to cover any distance apart effectively and also determine the degree of brightness the projector should have to compensate lost light if the projector sits far away. Large audiences require venue projectors with over 5,000 lumens because they contain a different array of throw options and more adjustment settings than the consumer projects. Our team of experts will help you make the most of your venue and choose the apt lens for extreme distances.

Projector Resolutions

Projectors with a higher number of pixels will produce clear and sharper images. When considering the best rental projectors, we compare the native resolution they have as latest projector models are built to be compatible with higher object resolution by the use of compression technology. Don’t be afraid as our firm will enable you to do a right selection.