• Conference Microphone-conference interpretation system
  • conference interpretation equipment (interpretation equipment)
  • conference silmultanueous interpreters

Product Description

Our series of digital conference microphone are the professional conference microphones with high tech research and development. Its unique digital processing and transmission technology, excellent sound performance, high reliability, advanced digital technology fully combining with audio technology, suitable for all kinds of conferences. Furthermore, its unique voice frequency circuit can deal with high sound pressure, full-balanced design and unique masking techniques can anti-cell phone and other RF signal electromagnetic interference. Digital display use to show microphone ID number and state.

Product Features

Fixed pluggable with locking Mi rod design
Red ring light on rod and red indicating light on base indicate while speaking
Two digits red digital tube indicating light to indicate: microphone address, VIP,
High sensitivity, effective pick-up range up to 50CM
Support multiple Chairman Microphones in the system
Support video tracking
AUTO/ FIFO mode for choose; control by PC: APPLY mode, QUEUING mode, ALLOW mode, FREE DISCUSSION mode, LIMIT mode for choose
Good sound performance under long distance transmission
Built-in 3W hi-fi speaker, provide conference amplified sound
Equip with a 3.5mm headphone interface
“Hand-in-hand” connection, system connected more convenient and reliable
At most 30 microphones can be connected in one way
Highly resistant to mobile phone interference
Chairman Unit have priority function button, can override all speaking delegate units

Technical Parameters

Model NIV912D/NIV912C
Pick up range: 0-500mm
Audio output amplitude <0dB 20CM distance speeches typically 200MV
Frequency response 100Hz-18KHz
SNR -80dB
Power DC24V
Sensitivity -38dB±3dB
Length:  385mm(Optional)
Weight: 0.95Kg
Dimension: 135×150×50(mm)