Conference Interpreting (Translation) Equipment System rental in Enugu

Transmitter, Receiver, Interpreter Booth (Translation Booth) Rental

Translation  Equipment NG has Conference Interpreting Equipment System or Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment System (Simultaneous Translation Equipment) for rental during your events no matter in Enugu, Owerri,  or other regions of south-eastern path of Nigeria. These equipment can be set-up in halls, auditorium, hotels, or your own venue. The purpose of the interpreter booth (translation booth) is to provide a sound proof environment to cut off the sound of the presenter, we use translation booth (interpreter booth) which aims to provide a sound proof environment.
This will enhance and make the interpretation clearly audible by delegates who are wearing headphones. On the other side, our technicians will also stand by all time during the event and make sure that all the equipment are functioning. They will come up with solutions if you face sudden problems which may occur in the midst of event in order to make the event succeed.
Enugu, town, capital of Enugu state, southeastern Nigeria, located at the foot of the Udi Plateau. Enugu is on the railroad from Port Harcourt, 150 miles (240 km) south-southwest, and at the intersection of roads from AbaOnitsha, and Abakaliki. The town owes its existence to the discovery of coal on the plateau in 1909, which led to the building of Port Harcourt. With the completion of the railway from the port in 1916, Enugu developed rapidly. Its name comes from the traditional Igbo (Ibo) words enu Ugwu, meaning “at the top of the hill.” The headquarters (1939–51) of the Eastern provinces and the regional capital (1951–67) of Eastern Nigeria, Enugu served briefly (May–October 1967) as the provisional capital of the secessionist Republic of Biafra (1967–70) until its capture by federal troops.