Simultaneous interpreting system operates on the principle of wireless audio signal transmission, which is distributed in the room with the help of infrared emitters and received by the individual delegate receivers, to which the headphones are connected.

Infrared simultaneous interpreting system works using a range of 300 GHz – 429 THz in the spectrum of invisible infrared waves due to several reasons:

  • unloaded range in comparison with radio frequencies,
  • possibility to transmit 32 channels simultaneously,
  • protection against interference,
  • operates within the borders of one room and does not penetrate the other rooms.

During transmission infrared radiation has the same physical properties as the light: it does not pass through opaque objects and reflects from surfaces. Moreover, it reflects better from bright surfaces than form the dark ones. These properties of infrared simultaneous interpreting system enable using it simultaneously in several rooms within one building, without any interference and disturbance. In fact, the system with 32 target languages does not affect the other system with 32 target languages in the neighboring room. It will be very difficult to achieve this result using radio frequencies.

Composition of the simultaneous interpreting system

Центральное устройство управления

Central control unit is the basic block. All other devices connect to this block.

Transmitting unit is a device in a separate block for signal modulation. There can be several options depending on the number of channels – with 4, 16 and 32 channels. It is connected to the central control unit via an optical cable.

Radiator of infrared waves is a special device that converts a signal into infrared waves using infrared LEDs.

Interpreter’s unit is a microphone panel designed specifically for simultaneous interpreters, has specific additional functions compared to a usual microphone. It enables selecting the channel for translation and connecting interpreter’s headphones.

Кабина переводчика


Booth for simultaneous interpreters is a very important element of the simultaneous interpreting system that has a great impact on the quality of the produced audio signal. It completely isolates interpreter’s workplace from external noise and interference.

Infrared receiver – this device is given to everyone who should listen to the simultaneous interpreting. It is an easy compact device with headphones.

Headphones for IR receivers of simultaneous interpreting can be supplied in several variants:

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