Infra-red transmitter is a unit of our magical simultaneous translation equipment system (interpretation equipment); unit IR Transmission main unit-SI-H7106. The SI-H7106 Digital Transmitter is the central modulator unit in the digital infrared system. It accepts audio from the SI-H7106or other compatible audio sources. The SI-H7106 modulates the incoming audio signals onto carrier waves, which are sent directly to one or more SI-T7206 Digital Infrared Radiators. The output from the radiator is then passed on to each SI-R7406 delegate receiver.

 High security, prevent external interference.
 Suitable for different conference hall
 Automatic level control function (ALC).
 No disturb under daylight lamp
 Easy to operate and save in project cost
 With the most advanced technology
 Elegant configuration in accordance to
 Input channel direct function
 Has 6CH interpreter’s voice for record
 PB test and display function
 Installed in a 19-inch frame

Technical Specifications:
 Modulation mode: IR
 Frequency synthesis: digital PLL
 Frequency band: 1.7 – 4.0MHz
 Frequency response: 100Hz-14kHz
 Frequency stability: 10ppm
 Pre-emphasis: 75 μSec.
 Distortion at 1 kHz: <0.5%  Channel separation: >70dB
 RF output power level: 700mV
 RF output impedance: 50 ohms
 Input impedance: 18k ohms
 Max. input power level: 2V
 AGC range: 30dB
 S/N ratio: >75dB
 Power consumption: 40W
 Operating voltage: 230V/50Hz