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SH2280 Conference main unit

SH2280 conference system main unit specialized design for touchscreen conference microphone SM112 series, support FIFO discussion mode, apply to talk discussion mode, automatically video tracking, sign-in, voting, and some other conference system functional.

It is adopted with special own proprietary intellectual property rights digital processing transmission technology, and high realizable transport protocols design, introduced the full digital technology and transmission technology into the conference system, well combining the advanced digital technique, net work technique and audio technique, achieve the annul link. When the signal breaks off it can reconnect automatically, ensure the meeting reconstruction and work in the shortest time. Nay, Novatia SH2280 full digital conference system with the own conference management software system and intelligent centre control system realize seamless connection; provide the complete and efficient conference solution to the large modem meeting.

 Specialized design for touchscreen conference microphone SM112 series;

Technical Specification

• Own proprietary intellectual property rights digital processing & transmission technology;

• Long-distance transmission not affects audio quality, at most 50m between 2 microphones;

• Installed 15 microphones in 1 way, at most 60 units, the longest line up to 100 meters;

• Flexibly support auto discussion conference mode, 1-6 FIFO conference mode, Chairman allow mode, Line up limited mode, video tracking conference mode;

• Equipped with 4 in 1 out HD video matrix, directly control at most 4 cameras;

• Varies input and output interface, include main input, XLR input and pre output, AUX output, recording output;

• Built-in DSP self-adaption audio processor, to prevent howling;

• Standard secure power supply design, 100-240V AC power, equipped with high-power low noise switching • power supply, ensure sufficient power;

• Power can supply to both this machine and microphone unit, its output voltage is 24V dc power, belong to safety voltage range, ensure users’ safety;

• Annular hand-in-hand connection, ensure stable of system;

• TCP/ IP connection between main unit and PC;

• Support remote control, remote diagnosis and upgrade of conference system;

• System power can be centralized controlled and management by centre control system.