Interpretation system

Whatever your event or project in Lagos, experience’s specialist interpreters are on hand to assist with any language barriers that may occur. Our expert linguists located in and around Lagos have years’ experience in many forms of interpreting can cover over 205 languages.

We will always endeavour to find the most experienced interpreter for your needs, matching their skills and background to the subject at hand. This way, complex terminology can be efficiently translated meaning communication is smooth and free from misunderstandings.

Whether in Lagos for a conference, exposition or other business meeting, Translation Equipment NG interpreters can assist you.

                         Interpretation for conferences

Simultaneous interpretation is restricted to conferences. It requires that the room be fitted with an interpretation booth and with headphones for the interpreter, the speaker and the entire audience. This type of interpretation is very demanding, as interpreters rest every two hours or work in pairs and take turns. We supply high grade interpretation equipment for conferences and discussion system for meetings, seminars etc